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Dear Johanna,

I heard about the hurricane on the news. I hope you, your mother and Layton are doing all right.

I apologize for not sending a card for your birthday. Between work and taking care of your half-sister Maya and your stepmother, I haven’t had much time to myself. I also wanted to thank you for sending me the DVD from your spring show. I’m sorry I couldn’t attend because of work, but I love seeing what you’re doing.

Do you remember when you first started dancing? I do. I remember seeing you in your first pair of canvas ballet slippers and your blue leotard, sitting on the floor of the dance studio learning how t do all the arm positions -- first with your arms overhead, second with them out to the sides, third with one up and one out to the side, fourth with one up and one in the front and fifth with both up again.

Your first recital was at a very difficult time for all of us, given that your mother and I were going through a divorce, but you were all smiles during the show, just like your teacher taught you. And that made you my little star. I remember you finding me in the crowd just for that one part where you were supposed to blow kisses to Dad.

Do you still have the card I sent you with the flowers after that performance?

You’ve grown up so much since then. When I saw the recording, I couldn’t believe you'd been given your class’ solo last spring. You’ve grown into a very talented dancer.

Keep dancing and smiling and write back soon.


PS. Maya wanted me to send you the attached coloring page of a ballerina for you.

a blonde ballerina with a deep pink leotard and slippers performing a grand jeté
Click for full-size
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