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Title: Patchwork Polyamory
Author: Emmy/dreamwriteremmy
Contact: [redacted]

Rating: I'm going to tentatively rate this as somewhere between T and M (I will not know how far the romance-y side of things will go until I write it.)

Spoilers: no spoilers beyond GS4 for this fic!

Warnings: significant age differences, half-siblings choosing to be surrogate parents for each other, coping with health and mental health issues (including but not limited to: Vera's agoraphobia/social anxiety/selective mutism, Miles's phobias, Godot's health/blindness, past histories of trauma/crappy relationships/crappy families and intimacy issues of varying degrees for several people)

Kinks (both narrative and sexy): au canon divergence, au future fic, silver foxes, nonsexual ageplay, blended families, family bonding, polyamory, ace in a poly family, age differences, in love with the enemy, domesticity, polyglot families, reparenting, recovery, demisexuality, kidfic, parenting, fluff

Pairings: given polyamory is the name of the game, these lists are subject change and not necessarily exclusive - [sexual/romantic pairings] Maggey/Gumshoe, Nick/Edgeworth, Apollo/Klavier, Vera/Trucy, Ema/Daryan, Franziska/Adrian, Pearl/Cody, Valant/Thalassa, Godot/Iris/Lana, Iris/Nick, Iris/Lana, Godot/Iris, Trucy/Klavier, Vera/Apollo [nonsexual pairings] Franziska/Miles, Nick/Maya, Maya/Kay

Summary: Wright's massive (and complicated) patchwork extended family composed of a significant amount of the Ace Attorney cast have moved into a co-op living arrangement in a big old house just outside the city at Klavier and Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth's combined suggestion.

Narrative Notes: I haven't QUITE decided who I'm following yet, but I think I'm going to keep pioneering the close-third style I invented this past NaNoWriMo in that there are several narrative points of view that start out separate but slowly begin to weave into one larger intertwined storyline of fic (because I think this is the way i'll get the most out of this massive patchwork family thing going on).

Things I will need help on:
(1) pacing check and narrative balance - PLEASE tell me if my draft is turning into filler drivel since I have a tendency to write myself into corners also narrative balance means let me know if one character seems to be overpowering the narration so I can balance it back out
(2) character check - I have my favorites please tell me if one of my less common characters seems off and help me fix it
(3) language check - because this patchwork family is full of polyglots
(4) grammar - please tell me if I'm mixing tenses and point of views, getting wordy, and/or messing up all the punctuation
(5) cheerleaders - feel free to check in with me as often as you can. A cheerleader who is proactive at poking me does WONDERS at my productivity.

Meta Pack for the support team: collection: patchwork polyamory
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