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Title: Untitled Common House AU Snippet
Characters: Prim (The Hunger Games), Rue (The Hunger Games), Nico (Ace Attorney Fandom OC)
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 142
Spoilers: The Hunger Games
Arc: The Common House, a multifandom AU where dead folks live, supernatural stuff is commonplace and OCs interact with canon characters freely

Prim is sitting down on the picnic blanket next to Nico. She looks over at Rue sitting in one of the oak trees singing. The birds have stopped singing to listen to the girl who is almost as at home in the trees as the birds themselves.

"My sister used to make the birds stop singing too," Prim says quietly, "I'm told my father did too. I miss them. I barely knew Daddy and for a long time Katniss was the only one I had. Mommy went quiet when Daddy died and stayed that way for a long time."

Nico nods, "But then your sister and Peeta won the Games for you and everything changed."

Prim nods, "Yeah... But now I'm here and I worry about her because she's not. She's my sister and I hope more than anything that she's happy."


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