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Title: Recovering
Fandom/Pairing/Prompt: Pretear/SasamexHayate if you squint/12.Cranky
Rating: G
Word Count: 265
Summary: Hayate checks in on Sasame as he recovers from nearly sacrificing himself. They talk for a bit.
Disclaimer: Pretear belongs to Junichi Satou, Kaori Naruse, ADV Manga, ADV Films, Odex, Geneon, and Kadokawa Shoten.
Highlight for Warnings: *sick!fic, could be construed as both a mild smarm kink(as in intense friendship) and a slight domesticity kink as well]*
Beta: none
Notes: Written for [insanejournal.com profile] ides_of_march and an expansion on the Cranky scene for [insanejournal.com profile] 50episodes

Sasame manages a weak groan as he slowly pushes himself up. He's cranky and sore and it feels like he's slept for near a month as he realizes he is tucked into a bed. A stiff voice says quietly, "You're finally awake. Feeling any better?"

The knight of sound shakes his head, realizing how ill he feels as his stomach protests the movement, making him feel lightheaded and dizzy, causing him to fall back a bit and catch himself--barely managing it.

"Don't push yourself, Sasame." He feels an arm behind him for support, as a cool hand presses to his forehead before it ruffles his hair.

"A little late for that." The sound knight retorts, glaring upward toward the deep azure eyes gazing down at him.

Hayate doesn't seem phased by this at all, though Sasame notices that his eyes are smiling, "Cranky's good."

He can't help smiling a little at the good-natured remark, "What happened?"

Hayate's eyes darken just as quickly as they'd brightened, "You stood up against Fenrir alone. I'm grateful you did it. I froze."

Sasame paused as the memories slowly came back across his currently foggy mind, "I did that because I realized we'd be without a knight and a Prétear, if I didn't. I noticed that you froze. You're as scared as she is."

Hayate frowned, "Technically, we're still without a Prétear. Himeno's power hasn't returned."

"In time, she'll accept her role. Just give her time, Hayate."

"You're sure."

Sasame nodded slowly, leaning against his best friend, "As sure as I am that you're a good knight and leader."


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