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Title: The Way of Wishes
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Rating: G
originally written for the Phoenix Wright Kink Meme and posted here
Spoilers: spoilers for Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice from the get-go; spoilers for all other Gyakuten Saiban(Ace Attorney) and Gyakuten Kenji(Investigations) games may be mentioned in passing.
Prompt: Highlight for spoilers: * So why did Thalassa abandon Apollo anyway? Who raised him? How does he react when he finds out?*
Warnings: Highlight *mm... Original characters, messed up foster care system in the future, possibly misinformation about the foster care/adoption placement/disrupted placement process, also unbeta-ed writing. Some possible timeline mess-ups from the GK 1 version of the Court Records Timeline...*

Notes: I added in the timeline dates in this version. So totally early to de-anon this, but what the hell. :) I will love people if they know what the title references! :D

Chapter 1: A Mother's Prayer
sometime in 2004, several weeks after Apollo's father's "death"

Thalassa finished signing the paperwork. Apollo was very young. When she'd called about giving Apollo up for adoption a mere few weeks ago, shortly after her husband's accident, they'd suggested she bottle-feed her baby. Something about attachment. She didn't quite understand it. And sadly, without someone to support her, she had to let her baby go and return to work. The show must go on, as they said in the business.

She sighed passing the paperwork to the woman in the business suit sitting in the armchair. Then she leaned over the bassinet. The woman put the paperwork in her briefcase, watching as Thalassa gave her last goodbyes to her little boy. She kissed him on the forehead, murmuring, "I'm not abandoning you, Apollo. This is just for the best. So you'll be safe. I know you'll see the truth, someday."

Then she handed the child in his bassinet to the socialworker who was preparing to leave. Right before the woman left, Thalassa remembered one last thing. She slipped one of the bracelets off her wrist. "His name's Apollo... Please take care of him. And I'd like him to have this. So he'll be able to find me again, someday."

The woman nodded curtly, taking the offered jewelry, then left quickly, the door shutting solidly behind her.

Later that night, Thalassa turned on the old boombox which had an old "bedtime" CD in it... She began to sing along.

I know you’re listening as I lay me down to sleep
It’s not for me I ask, but my children’s souls to keep
It seems the world is going crazy
And though I need to do my share
Could you please take them under wing
Watch over them especially
Keeping them safe from everything
This is a mother’s prayer

Thalassa began to cry, remembering her husband singing this song with her to little Apollo while she was pregnant.

She hoped she'd made the right choice.

A few weeks later, she returned to Troupe Gramarye. She threw herself into her stagework, trying to forget what she'd left behind her.

Note: [1] A Mother & A Father's Prayer by Collin Raye

Chapter 2


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