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Title: The Way of Wishes
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Rating: G
originally written for the Phoenix Wright Kink Meme and posted here
Spoilers: spoilers for Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice from the get-go; spoilers for all other Gyakuten Saiban(Ace Attorney) and Gyakuten Kenji(Investigations) games may be mentioned in passing.
Prompt: Highlight for spoilers: * So why did Thalassa abandon Apollo anyway? Who raised him? How does he react when he finds out?*
Warnings: Highlight *mm... Original characters, messed up foster care system in the future, possibly misinformation about the foster care/adoption placement/disrupted placement process, also unbeta-ed writing. Some possible timeline mess-ups from the GK 1 version of the Court Records Timeline...*

Notes: I added in the timeline dates in this version. So totally early to de-anon this, but what the hell. :) I will love people if they know what the title references! :D

Chapter 2: Problematic Placements
sometime in 2007 now, Apollo is three years old

Caritas Amundsen frowned, looking down at the paperwork she'd gotten for three-year-old Apollo. Another family saying they couldn't handle the fussy child. Another layer of abandonment on a little boy who couldn't be this much trouble. She sighed. She'd already returned the three-year-old back to the orphanage mother with another "I'm so sorry."

Why weren't these placements working?

The first week, the parents would be eager, but within a few months to a year in each placement, the parents would be tearing their hair out. Complaining about time and sleep and work. And how impossible it was to take care of a little boy who wouldn't settle.

She pulled the rest of his file out and began rifling through it, trying to draw patterns out of each of the families on a notepad.

Finally she realized what she was doing. She was going with the families who were eager to adopt, but not ones with experience. Maybe she needed to take another stab at this from a different angle.

She logged onto Apollo's file on the computer and re-added him to the waiting child listing with a small adjustment to what kind of parents they were looking for. "Mother wants her child to go to a family with children or previous adoption experience." Thalassa, his birth mother, hadn't really given them a specification, all she'd said was to take care of him. Caritas didn't think that the woman would have much of a problem with these adjustments if it meant he'd find a good mom.

She also looked down at the words written by the socialworker who'd filed Thalassa's information the day she'd called asking for information about putting her son up for adoption. She values truth.

She added that value statement into the request. "Mother wants her child to go to parents who value the truth."

It was a very distinct statement from other birth mothers and she had a feeling that making that value open might help him, even though it would narrow down the adoptive parenting pool.

She saved the file and uploaded it, then made notes in her paperwork about this update to his records.

Now, hopefully she'd find him a fitting placement and the care his mother wanted.

Chapter 3


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